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Lucky Labo

"Swing Hand Pop" Waving Air Freshener - Bye Bye White

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Squash scented Waving Air Freshener.

A very cute way to tune the scent of your interior. A great way to taunt other folks on the road with a waving hand on your window while you smash 2nd gear.

Sold individually.

Made in Japan

How to use:

Authentic Japanese Air Freshener - Pure JDM Style.

If you know Japan, you know this Squash Scent.

JDM Air Freshener

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Smells good

I really like the squash scent, it’s not too powerful and it lasts quite a while. Even when the scent wears off it looks cool

Brian Truong
Great accessory for your interior!

This air freshener is a fun way to add some character to your interior. Smells really nice and your passengers will love it!

Justin San Agustin
meet favorite !

smells amazing and lasts awhile !!! everyone always asks where do you get these. these are easily a fan favorite at car meets !

Matthew Velardo
Bye bye slowpokes

After having it on for many months I noticed all my friends got a good laugh at it and so would anyone I passed that happened to see it. Will be buying another one soon!

Brandon Madrigal
Best addition for any interior to get noticed with!

ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH THIS! This air freshener not only smells great, but can be put anywhere it can stick to and is so satisfying to see move as you drive!

Hearing or seeing the reactions of others on the road seeing this move makes my day and the lower you are, the more the freshener is dancing!