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Eikosha Air Spencer A9 - Squash Scented Air Freshener

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Eikosha Air Spencer is an automotive air freshener, A9 is the Squash Fragrance. This is a solid type air freshener made of ceramic absorbent powder with a long lasting fragrance that could last up to 4 weeks. Can Style Air Freshener.

Eikosha Air Spencer may be opened from both sides and can be placed anywhere in the car except driving seat for safety issue.

The Air Spencer air freshener is a compact cartridge can equipped with the enticing scent. Its circular shape makes it perfect to place in your car’s cup holder.

100% Genuine Air Spencer product!

How to use:

  • Open the cartridge either from both/one side
  • Place the Eikosha Air Spencer anywhere of your choice inside your car.

Japanese Air Freshener

JDM Air Freshener

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

My bf bought this air freshener for me and it smells so good. It’s smells cute and sweet. Usually I get overwhelmed by smells but this one did the job perfectly.

Oh my gosh it’s Squash

Smells super good and lasts a long. Just recently cracked open a can I’ve had for a while and it’s still fresh. Scent is refreshing good buy.


This air freshener is definitely my favorite. It's lasted for 4 solid weeks now and it really makes driving my car so much more enjoyable. This freshener is the one.

Sweet Happiness in a Can

Ever wish you could have that sweet Japan country side smell year round? This can is it and I’ll never have a car without a can of this in it.

Andre Costa
Squash Air Freshner

Smells super good and last forever. I’ve been using the same can for over a month now and still smells good and strong. Scent is a one of a kind.