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Lucky Labo

"Swing Hand Pop" Waving Air Freshener - White

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Squash scented Waving Air Freshener.

A very cute way to tune the scent of your interior. A great way to taunt other folks on the road with a waving hand on your window while you smash 2nd gear.

Sold individually.

Made in Japan

How to use:

Authentic Japanese Air Freshener - Pure JDM Style.

If you know Japan, you know this Squash Scent.

JDM Air Freshener

Customer Reviews

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Car meet standout

So where I’m from these ain’t to popular and my Z has 2 on there every time I go to car meets or sometimes even just cruising around I get questions about them they’re pretty cool in my opinion and they’re different which I love, I love to be different and creative and if you wanna do that in your community these are a way to do it!