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Eikosha Air Spencer R90 - A201 Samurai Man Scented Air Freshener

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New Air Spencer with Super Long Lasting Scent!

  • Deeper and heighten luxurious scent with higher concentrated natural fragrances
  • Hybrid structure of ceramic and natural pulp layers inside the can makes longer lasting fragrances

Eikosha Air Spencer is an automotive air freshener, A201 is the Samurai Man Fragrance. This is a solid type air freshener made of ceramic absorbent powder with a long lasting fragrance that could last up to 6-8 weeks. Can Style Air Freshener.

Eikosha Air Spencer may be opened from both sides and can be placed anywhere in the car except driving seat for safety issue.

The Air Spencer air freshener is a compact cartridge can equipped with the enticing scent. Its circular shape makes it perfect to place in your car’s cup holder.

100% Genuine Air Spencer product!

How to use:

  • Open the cartridge either from both/one side
  • Place the Eikosha Air Spencer anywhere of your choice inside your car.

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