Lucky Labo HQ - Move in - Tour and Photos

Lucky Labo HQ - Move in - Tour and Photos

It has always been a dream to have my own JDM Space. Prior to renting a JDM Space, we were running everything out of our small 1600sq ft apartment; receiving, unpacking, warehousing, photography, packing and shipping. Being surrounded with work was starting to cause issues and a constant reminder to keep working - work life balance was getting out of hand, and we needed a solution.

Here are some examples of operating in our apartment:

Most of the photos were creatively cropped as to not show how cluttered it really became.


Initially I wanted a shop with garage doors and tons of open space for storage and an area to work on the S14. Most options were either too big, or too far from our home. Luckily the first landlord we reached out to owned many buildings in the local industrial area, we were able to get a small 1800sq ft space in a defunct factory - super inexpensive and low commitment.

My wife and I were so excited to get moved in, we wasted no time and moved the same day of signing the lease.

Operations have been really smooth ever since we moved in on June, 7th 2020.

So far we have shipped over 2,000 packages from this location. Admittedly, it is not pretty, but it is efficient and allowing Lucky Labo to grow.

Check Out our youtube video and my awkward introduction to the space and the products that we carry:

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