Lucky Labo: 1993 240sx Build Plans

Lucky Labo: 1993 240sx Build Plans

On 2/20/2021 we pulled the engine on the S13 - I have had many inquiries of "Why??" - simple answer; we are planning an in depth rebuild and dialing in the car to Lucky Spec.

The SR20DET engine is in great condition, and will not be rebuilt, but there are some oil leaks that need to be addressed, along with many modifications that will be easier out of the car.

We are building this car with a few goals in mind; Traditional SR20 Build using Stock ECU and tried and true components, a Demo Car for Bomex Aero, our first full build as Lucky Lab, and lastly a 1990's Style Build with simple exterior and interior styling.

No cutting corners, no cheap parts, no e-fans, no drift knobs, no ISR or Mishimoto.

The engine set up is all about Power and Response, with a power goal of between 350-380HP

Build List:

Engine Room: S13 SR20DET "Red Top"

  • HKS GT III RS Turbine A/R 0.60
    • 380+ WHP Capable on Stock SR20 Block
  • D-Max Tubular Manifold - Bottom Mount
  • Greddy Intake Plenum
  • HKS 256 Intake & Exhaust Camshaft
  • Nismo Spark Plug 8 Heat Range
  • Nismo CA18 Motor Mounts
    • Lowers the engine a bit
  • ARC Induction Box
  • Greddy Air Intake
  • Z32 MAF
  • Nismo 740cc Injectors


    • HPI Evolve Radiator & Hoses
    • Greddy Spec LS Intercooler
    • Nismo Thermostat
    • Yashio Factory Water Pump Pulley
    • OEM Clutch Fan 
    • GKTeck Increased Flow Fan
    • OEM Fan Shroud with Lower Shroud attachment


    • Greddy Turbo Outlet
    • 80mm Turbo Back Exhaust
    • Vibrant Performance STREETPOWER Muffler
    • Apexi ECV - Exhaust Control Valve
      • Manual Valve to lower sound for daily/highway driving


    • Nismo Super Coppermix Clutch
    • Nismo Lightened Flywheel
    • Nismo Transmission Mount
    • Tomei Short Shifter (OG C's Style)
    • Shaftmasters 1 Piece Aluminum Driveshaft
    • Nismo 2 Way LSD
    • 4.08 Rear Gear Ratio


    • D-Max Super Street Coilovers
    • D-Max Rear Upper Control Arms
    • D-Max Traction Rods
    • D-Max Toe Arms
    • Nismo Power Brace
    • Nismo Traverse Arm
    • Nismo Tension Rod


    • Stock S13 Base Model Steering Wheel
    • B-Greo Ergo Seat
    • GReddy Profec B Boost Controller
    • Nismo 80mm Boost Gauge
    • Yashio Factory Water Temp 1
    • Yashio Factory Shift Knob
    • Yashio Factory Shift Boot


    • Bomex Aero Kit
    • Bomex Type 2 Mirros
    • Advan SA3R 16" x 7j 8j


    90% of the parts listed here are in our possession, so the build will be really fast! 

    The engine was pulled 2/20/2021 and I am hoping to have everything assembled and ready to have the engine back in the car 3/20/2021.

    Below are some photos of the engine being pulled: 



    Thank you 


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