Custom Swing Pops - We are Open For Business!

Custom Swing Pops - We are Open For Business!

Custom Swing Pops from Lucky Labo

Lucky Labo is known for selling "Swing Hand Pop" Air Fresheners. The beloved Swing Hand Pops are one of the most unique air fresheners on the market.

What is a Swing Hand Pop you may ask?

This is the best way I can describe it: 

Squash scented Waving Air Freshener.

Air Freshener that waves with the inertia of your car - using a suction cup and metal arm that connects to a cardboard air freshener.

A very cute way to tune the scent of your interior. Taunt other folks on the road with a waving Bye Bye hand on your window while you smash 2nd gear.


Swing Hand Pop - Good Luck



We started manufacturing them ourself after the original manufacturing company in Japan went out of business. This has allowed for expansion in the product line, along with the ability to take on Custom OEM manufacturing.

A bunch of Swing Pops on a S13 240sx Roof


Yes, we can help your company make Custom Swing Pops.


Swing Hand Pop on 270R Seat Nismo


The first custom Wing Pop was created for a company named Joy Supply - a JDM Lifestyle Brand out of Australia. They went with a totally unique design, using a heart, which is a signature of the Joy Supply Brand.

Visit Joy Supply Here:

Joy Supply Custom Swing Pop - Japan


Thinking outside the box has opened the flood gates for many creative designs and collaborations.


Jimmy Oakes - Oakes Garage Swing O Pop

Another notable collaboration is with Oakes Garage, a brand created by famed youtuber Jimmy Oakes.

Visit Oakes Garage here:

So, if you are a brand that is looking to expand your product offering with a unique and fun item, hit us up and we can help your vision become reality.


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